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There is a tiny parallel universe on the desktop, where invisible creatures live. Let's take a look through this mysterious window to another world, and spend some time with them. If you and a friend try it together, it's even more fun.

“Desktop Kingdom” is a multiplayer game that allows you to interact with different creatures through an AR interface. With this game I tried to give a sense of realism to our imaginary world by having 2 players share the space and cooperate with each other using AR.


This game is played by holding a device, and moving it around. In the AR environment, the device has a string and an iron ball attached to it. By moving the device, you can swing this wrecking ball around however you like.

Rules and Story

A large shark and a smaller fish live in the tiny parallel universe on the desktop. Both of them love candy, but the shark is the stronger one, and always takes everything. Let's help out the poor little fish, and give the shark some punishment!

These two animals that live together in the AR environment chase after the candy that randomly appears in the game. As the player, your goal is to use the wrecking ball to keep the shark from getting the candy first.
You can use the movement of the wrecking ball to block off paths, or really put some power behind it and knock the shark away.
The more candy the fish collects, the higher your score. You can also hit the fish with the ball, so be careful.


This software uses the Vuforia AR library. Using the iPad2's camera to take an image behind the device, the program locates the preregistered markers in the image, and processes positional information. Based on this information, AR objects are stacked up in real space using Unity3D. AR objects' positions, postures, and movements, as well as user actions are all synchronized through WiFi transmission, allowing two users to play the game simultaneously in the same AR environment.

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