Kinect Action Game
  • Date Jan. 2011
  • Winned "High-Tech" Prize
    Independent Project at Department of Mechano-Informatics

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In this action game, you can do battle in a completely new way, using your whole body to control your character.


Move by tilting your upper body forward, backward, left, or right, and change which direction you're facing by twisting to the left or right.
Your left and right hands each control a different weapon, which will fire consecutive rounds in the direction you extend your hand.
After you've fired 50 shots, you'll run out of bullets, at which point you can reload by drawing your hand back.


Your enemies are two giant golems. The player, and also both of the golems, each have a set amount of HP. You win if you can mount successful attacks against the two golems until their HP reaches 0. If the golems attack the player, and your HP reaches 0, then you lose the game.

The golems chase after the player and launch a spray of needles in front of them. If you're hit by any of these needles, you will take damage.

If the golems get close enough to the player, they will use a punching attack. This attack deals tremendous damage, so you must always be running around to avoid it. However, it is also possible to make a counterattack which will cause the golems to falter and stop in mid-punch.

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