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Using a magical umbrella, protect the fish and keep the iron balls from hitting it.


By tapping the screen, you can place the umbrella in the position indicated by the yellow marker in the screen's center. Paying careful attention to the shadows of the falling objects, try to move the umbrella around and protect the fish from the balls.


From the sky above, jewels and iron balls drop in random order. There is a single fish on the game field, and this fish moves around trying to collect the jewels as they fall. The more jewels the fish gets, the higher your score.
If the fish gets hit by an iron ball, you'll lose points, and these objects can also obstruct the fish's movements. The player's goal is to deftly place the umbrella and keep the iron balls away.
Any jewels that hit the umbrella will break. Pay close attention to the shadows that are displayed on the game field (large shadows are iron balls, small ones are jewels) and catch the iron balls with your umbrella.

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